Heather and Hayley talk about their childhood.

The Jezabels at Splendour In The Grass by Andrew Wilson

littletalksandlionhearts said: I also met some girls in the mosh pit who ended up joining me at the barrier and I have no idea who they were, but there were three of them and one seemed to really love the jezabels as much as me (I was at the barrier going absolutely crazy) and well yeah. It would just be awesome to know them!!

Anyone on here that was there and matches the description? Golden opportunity to make yourself some Jezabels friends…

If you ever need people to talk about your love for The jezabels and share memories with, we are here for you ;-)

littletalksandlionhearts said: Just saw the jezabels again tonight (I can't remember how many times I've seen them) at Splendour in the Grass and it was one of the greatest times I have seen them. There was so much passion in their performance and Hayley cried quite a bit. It truly was amazing!!

We kind of followed the reactions to the show and opinions were almost unanimous: it was a bloody good show! So exciting that you got to be there for it, we are slightly jealous ;-)

An open letter to The Jezabels

With The Brink era coming to an end it’s time to become a bit nostalgic and sentimental. Not having a Jezabels concert to look forward to is doing this to us.

This tour has brought us so much joy and excitement we can hardly put into words. We’ve been to a lot of shows now. Like, a lot. But we still feel nervous when we are waiting for you guys to walk up on the stage. The energy you put into your shows has got us hooked still is very addictive. We’ve got fond memories of every single concert we’ve been to and even some special moments which we’ll cherish forever. We can’t wait for the next era to start and to start planning the next bunch of concerts we can go to. We WILL get to Australia one day ;-)

So I guess all we are trying to say is: thank you to The Jezabels and crew for being the awesome bunch of people that you are and for the recognition you are giving us as fans. You are making it so easy for us to dedicate a blog to you.

Enjoy your break and see you soonish,


Ps: if anybody is still reading, thanks to The Jezabels, we will do a “Nostalgia giveaway” soon, so stay tuned! 

sunshinebrule said: Hey guys, I have no idea how Tumblr works or if this is the correct place to ask a question, but would you mind telling me how you were able to get your hands on that beautiful Dark Storm 12"? I've been looking for one for a while and haven't had any luck as of yet. Cheers.

Hi, thanks for your question (and sorry for the late reply as we are on holiday). Well we actually found it on eBay. I guess that’s the best place to look for a copy. We have been checking there from time to time and now finally a copy popped up. 

Considering it has become the Holy Grail of all things Jezabels related, it is going to cost you if you ever want a copy, ours wasn’t particularly cheap either ;-)

Good luck with your search and let us know if you ever get your hands on a copy, we can start a little cult then ;-o 

Cologne tonight!

Your favourite admins are on their way to Austria for a well deserved holiday! But of course we are making a quick pitstop in Cologne tonight for a Jezabels concert :D
Who else is coming tonight?

P.s there is a 99.9% chance that we have a spare ticket, conctact us if you want it (for free of course)


go sam rock the sandals/socks look

All hail the Dark Storm EP 12” !

(Yes, this one is ours now!! )


Thanks so much to #wepostthingsaboutthejezabels! My gifts arrived today! 😘

Another happy follower, that’s how we like them ;-)

When you spot yourself in a festival aftermovie, singing along to The Jezabels

Rockstone Sessions at the Metropolis Festival in Rotterdam with The Jezabels performing Look Of Love. 

hssnz said: Any plans to release any new merch?

Well, we are not THE jezabels so if you are enquiring about that we are sorry but don’t know. If you know the blog however, you might have noticed that we have this sort of logo which we can send to you and you can then use it to make your own Jezabel related tshirt! ( here’s how that would look on a jumper http://wepostthingsaboutthejezabels.tumblr.com/post/89636840965/i-got-the-logo-printed-on-a-jumper-for-winter)

Guess who we are going to see live today ;-)